Kangen Water – Japan Medical Device – Treating Diabetes and Skin Disorders (Part 1)

Kangen Water - Japan Medical Device - Treating Diabetes and Skin Disorders (Part 1)

Since 1992 Japanese News Television has submitted reports or a product called Alkaline Water AKA Kangen Water®. It is also labeled as "Miracle Water"

It is performed by sending ordinary tap water through a first electrolysis process and then filtered through a titanium or platinum plated electrolysis chamber to remove contaminants

The water is then ionized and divided into 2 types of water: alkaline and acidic waters
Alkaline water is known as "Negative Water" because of the Active Hydrogen which acts as an Antioxidant.

In Japan, many Hospitals use Alkaline / Kangen water to cure many complicated diseases. This video shows the patient about the leg amputated below the knee due to diabetes. However, the doctor experimented with acidic water bathing the foot in acid water seldom a day.

At the same time, the patient drank 1-1 / 2 gallons of Kangen alkaline water each day
It only takes surprising results to cut off the tip of the toes and is now well recovered.
Full recovery.

Innocent children and adults with severe skin problems who suffer. Doctors and hospitals had used traditional Western medication not to endorse. Then they tasted alkaline Kangen water. Patients drank alkaline water first and were treated with acidic water on their skin. The results were spectacular! Within a few weeks of treatment.

In Japan, some hospitals use acid water to treat bed ulcers for bed patients. Patients also drink Kangen water. The results are better than the medication.

In Kindergarten Centers, lucky children will have used Kangen Water since birth and will continue for generations.

So why does Kangen water and acidic water have such wonderful results?
According to leading Japanese doctors and scientists … The oxidation of free radicals has become the cause of the most known diseases today.

Oxidation occurs when an oxygen molecule has an overabundance of electrons which then damages the cells of the body. However, when active hydrogen is combined with free radical oxygen, the result is water which helps to detoxify the cells.

During this process, your body can go from acid to alkaline.

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Video credits to Glenn Siesser YouTube channel

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    Kangen Water – Japan Medical Device – Treating Diabetes and Skin Disorders (Part 1)

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