Is Rice Good For Diabetes

Rice is good or bad for diabetes

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Hi, I'm Ty Mason from, researcher, writer and I have type 2 diabetes. Today I'm going to answer the question, it's good rice for diabetes. But before you get into that, be sure to download my free book for diabetes control, which also includes a grocery shopping guide for diabetes (food to eat and avoid) by clicking on the link:

Now one might think that this would be a relatively easy subject to answer. I did it when I looked at it for the first time. But then, during my research, I discovered that there are more than 40,000 types of rice around the world. If I tried to cover them all, well, I will NOT try to cover them all.
There are basically 3 categories of rice. Long grain rice accounts for about 75 percent of the national harvest.

Medium grain rice, the type of rice that is most commonly processed to make cold cereals.

Short grain rice grains are grouped when cooked. Easy to eat with chopsticks, it is ideal for dishes such as sushi.

Within these categories, there are basically 2 types of rice: brown and white.

Brown rice is whole grain with only the first outer layer (shell or hull) removed through grinding. It retains its fiber and germ that contains vital nutrients. White rice is brown rice that has been ground to remove the bran and much of the germ, drastically reducing the fiber and nutrient content.

So, let's deal with this question of rice.

Brown rice is higher in magnesium and vitamin B-6. It is high in dietary fiber and relatively low in sugar. Fiber helps decrease the glycemic load of a food. Also long-grain rice is more efficient to reduce the glycemic load than short or medium grain.

The culprit of the rice that is difficult for the person with diabetes is the carbohydrates. If you have diabetes, you know that carbohydrates and sugars are our enemy when it comes to maintaining healthy blood glucose levels. One cup of whole grain brown rice contains 45 grams of carbohydrates. For many of us with diabetes, that is our total allocation for all food.

So, is rice good for diabetes? I'll have to say it depends on the type of rice and the amount you eat.

As with any other food, my philosophy is moderation is the key. What really matters is the size of the portions and the frequency with which you eat any type of food.

If you like rice and want to eat it from time to time, the best rice to add to your diet would be long grain basmati rice. The worst rice to add to a diet for a person with diabetes would be short grain white rice. So if you're a sushi fan for fish and omega-3s, be careful what you eat.

I hope this answer to your question is good or bad rice for diabetes. Do not forget to obtain your diabetes control book by clicking on the link:

Let me know if you have other questions related to diabetes.

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    Is Rice Good For Diabetes

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