Is Fruit Sugar The Same As "Normal" Sugar?

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Is fruit sugar the same as processed sugar? Here is the truth about sugar in fruit. We all know that sugar is bad for us. In excessive amounts, the consumption of sugar increases the risk of obesity, diabetes, general metabolic damage and is even worse for our teeth.

Clearly, the amount of sugar in refined carbohydrates is not natural and should be minimized.

With the increase in ketogenic diets and the popularity of the low carbohydrate content that is becoming a symbol of lean physiques and a healthy lifestyle (of which I am a supporter of certain people), we should think about fruits.

However, there have been some ridiculous claims that the fruit itself is unhealthy and something that the average person should avoid.

One must understand the fallacy in thinking only because a ketogenic diet can be healthy and excludes fruit, therefore, the fruit is not healthy. This is completely irrational.

Much empirical evidence suggests that humans are naturally frugivorous (based on the structure of the teeth and the acid / stomach enzymes) which means that our priority is to obtain fruits. Our brains and our bodies naturally prefer glucose.

To clarify: when I say that glucose is the body's preferred energy source, please do not confuse what I am saying.

"Preferred" does not mean "better" or "optimal," one could rethink this and say that glucose may be burned first to get rid of it; Similarly, would not we all be alcoholics since the body prefers to burn alcohol?

What I am simply saying is that both fats and carbohydrates are technically "preferred", it only depends on what the body is doing in the present moment.

We must consider the fruit, not as sugar to say, but as the sugar presented in a way that allows it to be consumed optimally.

What I want to say is that the water and fiber content found in fruits allows sugar to be consumed in a healthy way.

Water fills the stomach (it's difficult to eat 6 oranges in a row), fiber is satiety (which means it expands in the stomach) and fiber also reduces the insulin response of the sugar found in the fruit (which is the demonized chemical response). attributed with an increased risk of type 2 diabetes).

The fruit is healthy as with vegetables. Some vegan diets may be considered high in sugar, but because of fiber and antioxidants, minerals and vitamins, these diets are often recommended as a way to REDUCE and reverse type 2 diabetes.
Is the fruit healthy?

The answer is not yes or no, the answer is: it depends on how the fruits are consumed.

If you drink a liter of apple juice, even though it comes from a natural source, it is not presented or consumed in the way that nature provides (lack of fiber) and, therefore, given an excess of calories, this can contribute to obesity and the increased risk. of developing insulin resistance.

Then, for 90% of people, a moderate amount of fruit is perfectly acceptable and healthy.

If you are following a ketogenic diet, it is most likely not the best idea, unless you are following a more advanced model of a ketogenic (cyclical or targeted) diet in which you eat carbohydrates around workouts, or simply perform a cycle of the days of ketosis (burning). fat as fuel).

Video credits to Fit Pumpkin YouTube channel

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    Is Fruit Sugar The Same As "Normal" Sugar?

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