Intermittent Fasting SIMPLE TIPS

How to make intermittent fasting easier? What if it seems that you can not survive your fast?

Use these simple tips to facilitate fasting and almost effortlessly.

Flashing fast and Keto Playlist:

Fasting intermittent tips and tricks:

# 1 Drink more water: most of the time people are hungry not because they need to eat, but because they are actually dehydrated. Instead of leaving it halfway, take a glass of water and wait 15 minutes. Once you have absorbed the water, the feeling of hunger will disappear. Sparkling water is a possibility since carbonation generally decreases appetite. In addition, you do not want additional stress on the body and dehydration. Mineral water would be ideal since electrolytes and salts will decrease cortisol.

# 2 Non-caloric drinks: fasting does not mean we can not drink tea or coffee. Do not add sugar, cream or milk. Have black One thing to remember is not to become dependent on them. Coffee diminishes appetite but at the same time dehydrates us. Stay with only a maximum of 2-4 cups a day and turn to it only when hunger kicks in. Green tea gets green light Avoid diet sodas, despite their non-caloric content. Artificial sweeteners still give rise to blood sugar, creating a diet similar to placebo. You do not want to release insulin for nothing.

# 3 Brush your teeth: this can help reduce hunger. There may be some artificial sweeteners in the toothpaste, so be careful. You should use it as a last resort or when you do not want to drink coffee. Chewing gum without sugar is also good. However, it has some calories. Do not eat more than 2-3 pieces. In general, it refreshes your mouth and makes your breath smell really good.

# 4 apple cider vinegar – It is mainly used for domestic and cooking purposes. What you may not know is that it also has powerful health benefits. Lower levels of blood sugar, better fat loss and better symptoms of diabetes. Its biological components are very effective and acidic, which can sometimes be good for digestion. For the same reason, it will also destroy the bad bacteria in your gut and make you less hungry. You can add it to salads or other foods during your feeding window. While fasting, take a glass of warm water and add 1-2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar. Something more than that can have some unintended consequences, so do not overdo it. Consume it immediately and ready. Your body will thank you. There are also some apple cider vinegar supplements that work well.

# 5 Keep your mind occupied – Keep your mind occupied. One of the main reasons why people eat so often is because they are bored. When I'm fasting I get most of my creative efforts. While I focus on something else, apart from the fact that I am fasting, then time will pass without me noticing that I have not eaten. If you do a big business with that, you will inevitably be hungry and you will feel stunned. In addition, it is a great opportunity to reap the benefits of mental clarity and improved concentration.

# 6 Move – Going for a walk is not only the best way to get more movement in our day, it also takes your mind off your own routine. Intense training is also an opportunity since the hormonal benefits would be especially evident later.

# 7 Do not do a great thing – During my first 24-hour experimental fast, I realized that the feeling of hunger and weakness is just an illusion. If I thought about the fact that I had not been eating for more than 20 hours, I immediately began to feel bad. However, by telling myself that it is nothing special, everything got better, really wonderful. It is really an interesting experience. For me, I become more aware of my blood flow and muscle contraction.

# 8 Write it down: it helps you reflect on what you have lost and also removes some pressure from your mind. You can get a notebook or video record yourself. Observing your experience objectively will help reconceptualize hunger and be more in touch with your physiology.

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    Intermittent Fasting SIMPLE TIPS

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