Intermittent fasting and Weightloss

Both my husband and I are doing an intermittent fast or IF as it is called. It has so many wonderful health benefits, including, among others, weight loss, reduced insulin resistance, boosting your metabolism and more. I have been fasting twice a week now for spending 3 weeks and I feel amazing! My husband Edward, does not need to lose weight and even does the fast once a week because of the miraculous benefits he has. In addition to feeling more alert and full of energy, it's like you get the same enthusiasm about what you do with your morning coffee. IF it even helps loosen the accumulated fat inside the arteries of the heart. There are so many scientifically proven benefits to fast it's a wonder why I have not tried it before. Here is a link below only 10 of the benefits that fasting can have on the body. But I encourage you to look for more on your own and like it and subscribe to my channel to see more stimulating and informative videos while my transformation of weight loss is done before your eyes!
Come and join me every week to get great meal ideas, affordable grocery bills and a sustainable lifestyle. See how I transform my health and reach my fitness goals, all in my effort to become my best version. Inspire and help others on their journey through sharing my story and what worked for me. I lost weight and I was cured of having type 2 diabetes during pregnancy. During 3 pregnancies I did not eat the best food, but the first two I had GD (gestational diabetes) and the last one I did not have. The only difference was that I had adopted a plant-based lifestyle before my 3rd pregnancy. I still ate what was considered "vegan junk food" like oreos, potato chips and greasy potato chips. AND PIZZA! OMG can not forget the vegan pizza! So delicious and, however, so harmful to your health if you eat it most of the time like me. Since I gave birth now I have been 100% based on starch. And it is the best decision so far. I lost 50 pounds so far with this lifestyle change and I intend to continue this Journey to health and fitness through a healthy herbal diet. I also show what I give my husband over 6 feet tall, over 200 pounds on a vegan diet and my little boy for all of his nutritional needs. I was also a S.A.D. (American Standard Diet) for all my life until this last couple of years. It has changed my life dramatically and it has opened my eyes to the injustice we are doing to the animals and to the planet itself. Do not forget to press the LIKE button and SUBSCRIBE to my channel to get excellent videos and information on how to transform your health through a lifestyle based on plants. You must be the change you want to see in the world. We are destroying the planet at a phenomenal rate due to our carnivorous lifestyle. Factory agriculture is responsible for more greenhouse gases, then all combined transport. It is responsible for deforestation, water waste and starvation on the planet. We could end hunger in the world if we stopped feeding animals with grains and turned them into food for humans. Our way of living in the western world has made it impossible for others to prosper. Please, stop being so selfish in your food choices and see the impact it is having on your health, the health of your family and, above all, on the entire planet. Because without a
planet to live we will not have to worry about your health. You will be dead and all other living beings on the planet, unless we change this horrible cycle of consumption of animal products. Your diet choices are not a personal decision, they are having an impact on the entire planet
Forks on knives

My personal favorite


Food, Inc

Meat the truth

Too much to see how to feed a family of 4 for less than $ 100 a week, click here

What my Vegan Toddler eats

I am not a doctor, nor am I a registered dietitian. This is simply an example of what I eat to heal and feel good and what I feed my vegan family with a low budget. Research yourself and learn about nutrition for your health and that of your family. Do not take my word, go and discover the truth about your food and where it comes from. And the impacts it has on your health and diseases that plague our world today.

Intermittent fasting has so many health benefits, try it yourself!
The video cut in the middle … I'm still new to the whole edition, so grab me. I will improve it!

Video credits to BananaAddict YouTube channel

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    Intermittent fasting and Weightloss

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