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Hello friends!
In this video, I share with you two common questions that make me cold
# 1- How did I reduce my Hemoglobin A1C from 12% to 6.1%
# 2- Do I take medications for Diabetes like Metformin or other medications, or supplements to lower my blood sugar levels?

I share natural ways in which I reduced my blood glucose levels in this video.

I also talk about the great effects of Amla Powder as a natural and effective remedy for type 2 diabetes and how it affects blood sugar naturally.

I hope you get an idea of ​​how I am managing my diabetes and on the path of reversing it forever!

I wish everyone a wonderful week and thanks for watching!


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Hi friends, on my channel I decided to modify my weight loss / water fast trip to reverse my insulin resistance; in other words, type 2 diabetes and other diseases that I have as PCOS: polycystic ovarian syndrome, hypothyroidism, depression and anxiety. I was inspired by an M.D. Jason Fung from Toronto who is a nephrologist and deals with many diabetic patients to start fasting.

Before discovering the fast to reverse type 2 diabetes, I naturally went through many ups and downs trying to figure out what diet to follow to help me feel normal again. NOTHING worked until I found and switched to a plant-based diet. That helped me in many ways, I never imagined that I would. Thanks Cyrus and Robby!

Now I just want to venture into the fast with water, make juices, shakes, train and be physically better to help me lose weight and be in the best shape of my life. This is going to be a very big challenge, but I am here, and I will be going through all my experience with my weight loss trip and my small quick water trips, as well as other things that I decided to try.

Much love – J.

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Guided meditation that I listen to for my anxiety

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Jason Fung Interviews that I have heard:

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I also read this book: Complete Guide for the Fast of Jimmy Moore and Dr. Jason Fung:

Video credits to Joyti Blogs YouTube channel

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    How To Reverse Your Type 2 Diabetes / Insulin Resistance Naturally | JoytiBlogs

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