How Going Vegan Will Improve Your Health

How being a vegan will improve your health. Vegan food is healthy food, right? But there is a question above that remains unanswered: what happens when you stop eating meat? Well, we should probably explore what happens when you stop eating meat and examine some of the ways in which a vegan diet will improve your health.

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06. Reduced inflammation: 01:12
05. Lower levels of cholesterol in the blood: 02:18
04. Changed microbiome: 03:07
03. New Genetic Expression: 04:10
02. Less chances of diabetes: 04:48
01. Correct amount of protein: 05:30

06. Weight loss: 06:28
05. Healthy skin: 07:18
04. Energy: 08:08
03. Less body odor: 08:44
02. Best breath: 09:15
01. Less PMS: 09:50


6) Reduction of inflammation. Meat, cheese, very elaborate foods. All these are the ingredients to increase the levels of inflammation in your body. While some inflammation is fine and, in fact, something natural, problems begin to arise when you have chronic inflammation. The people of FORKSOVERKNIVES tell us a heartbreaking story about the dangers of chronic inflammation. They say: "Chronic inflammation has been linked to the development of atherosclerosis, heart attacks, strokes, diabetes and autoimmune diseases, among other conditions."

5) Lower cholesterol levels in the blood. Do you like having heart disease and strokes? Do not? Are you sure? Positive? Well, then you do not want high blood cholesterol levels. Elevated blood cholesterol levels are key factors in the ailments mentioned above. Also keep in mind that if you are in the United States, heart disease and stroke are some of the deadliest killers. So what does this have to do with the question: what happens when you stop eating meat? Well, the people of FORKSOVERKNIVES have told us that when people eat plant-based vegan foods, their blood cholesterol levels drop by 35%. In a country where 1 in 4 deaths is due to heart disease, that 35% could mean the difference between life and death.

4) Changed microbiome. Did you know that you are really an ecosystem? Yes, it turns out that there are actually billions of microorganisms that live in your body. This collection of tiny creatures is called "a microbiome". That may sound complicated, but in reality, they are really good for our overall health. They help us digest, give us nutrients, strengthen our immune system, etc. However, there are some microorganisms in our body that we prefer not to have. Some who play a role in obesity, others who are related to diabetes and others who are part of the inflammatory bowel disease! Now that is icky!

3) New genetic expression. These are not those blue jeans that you got from Old Navy, but the genes that make up, well, you. It turns out that by switching to healthy food, vegan plant-based food could change the way your genes act. The people of FORKSOVERKNIVES, once again, teach us that becoming vegans will accelerate our genes, positively changing their gene expression and improving the way our genes repair DNA. They can also reduce the risk of cancer and potentially make us elderly! The fountain of youth has been discovered, people, and it's called eating vegan food.

2) Less chance of diabetes. Let's talk about another American horror story: the number of people with diabetes. PUBMED.GOV has said that 38% of Americans have prediabetes, which is obtained before having type 2 diabetes. You do not need to take extra insulin with type 2 diabetes, you just have to change your diet. So why not change it before it's too late? It turns out, vegan-based herbal foods can reduce or even reverse your chances of having diabetes. Whole grains are the best to prevent diabetes, so take out that bread and start chopping! Your insulin levels will thank you.

1) Correct amount of protein. Did you know that there is not only a correct amount of protein, but also a correct type of protein? That's right, access to protein from meats and other animal by-products is stored as fats, which leads to a lot of terrible diseases. Thinking about trying to lose weight? Animal protein is going to stop that goal. On the other hand, the protein of vegetable origin is quite good for you. In fact, it not only protects us from some of the worst diseases in the United States, but it also makes us live longer. Just ask the oldest people in the United States where they get their protein from.

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    How Going Vegan Will Improve Your Health

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