How Do I Quickly Bring Down My Blood Glucose (Lower High Blood Sugar)

How Do I Quickly Bring Down My Blood Glucose (Lower High Blood Sugar)

Some tips and ways to lower your blood sugar if it is too high.

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Extremely high levels of blood sugar can be dangerous, and can cause lasting health complications. Remember: If you ever have blood sugar readings that remain high for more than 24 hours without going down (and after making an effort to reduce them), you should call your health care provider.

That said, we've all had those days when we get a random blood sugar reading and we're not sure what caused it … or we forget to administer insulin, or we eat a delicious dessert without realizing how much sugar is actually in it that.

For whatever reason, those out of ordinary blood sugar readings happen and need to be treated. There is no need to rush to the doctor for each high reading of blood sugar though. There are some simple steps you can take to lower your blood sugar fast.

The following may help most people reduce their blood sugar to an acceptable level. However, if you have any questions about how to lower your blood glucose, it is important to talk to your health care provider. They know their situation much better and can give you a plan to attack that high blood sugar level.

Watch for signs of high blood sugar

You know the sensation: extreme thirst, slowness, nausea, blurred vision, a feeling of direct discomfort. And your family or friends can tell you that extreme irritability is an important signal that you need to check your blood sugar level to see if it is high. The best you can do is catch it before it becomes too tall, or it will be harder to reduce quickly, wreaking havoc on blood sugar readings for days.

If you do not take insulin as part of your treatment plan, these tips will show you how to quickly lower your blood sugar. If you take insulin, you first want to give the appropriate amount of insulin to correct your blood sugar. However, insulin still takes some time to take effect before lowering blood sugar.

These tips will help you feel a little better in the meantime.

Insulin is the medication that will bring the blood glucose by the fastest. Someone who uses insulin during meals can take corrective doses to lower blood glucose. This requires a thorough understanding of when to inject, how often to give correction doses, and how much insulin to use. You will need to work with your doctor or diabetes educator to learn how to do this.

With that said, here are 3 tips to lower your blood sugar quickly
Hydrate. The more water you drink, the better. Drink at least two glasses of water, one after the other. Water helps to eliminate the system and stabilize glucose in the bloodstream.

According to David Spiro, an RN who is a contributor to WebMD, "For people with diabetes, the risk of dehydration is higher, because higher than normal blood glucose depletes fluids. kidneys will try to pass it through the urine, but that requires water. Therefore, the higher your blood glucose level, the more fluids you should drink, so that thirst is one of the main symptoms of diabetes. "

Exercise. Exercise is a good way to get better blood sugar control and keep your blood sugar levels in a healthy range as part of your routine diabetes management. But exercise can also help lower blood sugar when it is excessively high by pumping the heart and flowing blood, which raises blood glucose faster. You will also get your endorphins going, which will help your body start to feel better, too. Try to keep your heart rate for at least 10 to 15 minutes. Check your blood sugar level intermittently to avoid bouncing too low in your attempt to stabilize it. (Note: If your blood sugars have been so high that you have high ketones in your blood, a condition called DKA or diabetic ketoacidosis, do not exercise because it could further increase your blood sugar).

Eat a snack full of protein. Protein acts as a stabilizer for blood sugar and can decrease the rate of glucose absorption. One of the symptoms of high blood sugar is increased hunger, so this can help satisfy that desire while helping to lower blood sugar at the same time.

Do not grab a sandwich that has a lot of sugar, along with protein, or it will defeat the purpose of it. Good sources of protein include a spoonful of unsweetened peanut butter or an ounce of cheese. But do not overdo it.

The most important thing you can do for your health and your diabetes is to pay close attention to how you feel. Whenever you feel that something is out of control, it probably is, so test your blood sugar and do something about it. In the long run, it is easier to do everything possible to keep blood sugar levels tightly controlled than to live with the consequences of not doing so.

Video credits to The Diabetes Council YouTube channel

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    How Do I Quickly Bring Down My Blood Glucose (Lower High Blood Sugar)

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