Green Apple vs Red Apple | Which is Better for Diabetes

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People with diabetes should monitor their carbohydrate intake to make sure their blood sugar levels stay stable throughout the day. It makes sense, then, to control any food that contains carbohydrates and sugars.
Apples are delicious, nutritious and convenient to eat. Studies have shown that they have several health benefits. However, apples also contain carbohydrates, which affect blood sugar levels.
However, the carbohydrates found in apples affect your body differently than the sugars found in junk food.
However, most of the sugar in an apple is in the form of natural fructose, and this can have a different effect on the body than other sugars. In addition, fructose is different from the refined and processed sugars found in packaged foods, such as chocolates and cookies.

Green or red!
All apples have health benefits, but what makes green apples special is that they have a high nutritional density full of minerals, vitamins, proteins and fiber. They help prevent digestive problems, help regulate blood glucose and good cholesterol.
Although red apples are very juicy and sweet, health experts suggest opting for greens, especially if you are diabetic. You can think how color can make a difference, the fact is that green apples are loaded with a little more nutrients compared to apples.
Greens consist of less sugar and more fiber and, therefore, prevail over spikes in blood sugar that may be anxious.

Green apples usually contain less sugar and more fiber and, therefore, outperform the peaks of blood sugar that may worry. They are particularly beneficial in reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes. They also have high levels of antioxidants and are an excellent source of vitamin C. They contain approximately 20 g of carbohydrates to provide you with all the energy, and most come from natural sugars. In addition, green apples have a GI rating of 39, which means they are a low glycemic index food.

Therefore, simply throw some green apples in your lunch bag. Be sure not to peel the skin, since the skin is the most nutritious and is loaded with antioxidants. But, the size of the portions is still significant in the case of diabetics. The consumption of too many apples at once causes your blood sugar levels to increase. Therefore, opt for a medium-sized one instead of a larger one.

Also, it is suggested that you do not dip your apple in peanut butter, chocolate or caramel sauce. You can also use low-sugar fruits such as green apple and berries to prepare a healthy smoothie

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    Green Apple vs Red Apple | Which is Better for Diabetes

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