Gestational diabetes Also called diabetes during pregnancy Causes, Diagnosis, and Treatment

Gestational diabetes Also called diabetes during pregnancy Causes, diagnosis and treatment Causes, diagnosis and treatment of gestational diabetes Gestational diabetes only occurs during pregnancy. If you have it, you can still have a healthy baby, with the help of your doctor and doing simple things every day to control your blood sugar level.

After your baby is born, you may no longer have diabetes. Gestational diabetes makes you more likely to develop type 2 diabetes, but it definitely will not happen.


During pregnancy, the placenta produces hormones that can lead to an accumulation of sugar in the blood. Usually, your pancreas can make enough insulin to handle that. Otherwise, blood sugar levels will rise and may cause gestational diabetes.

Are you at risk?

You are more likely to have gestational diabetes if:

You were overweight before you got pregnant.
You are African American, Asian, Hispanic or Native American.
Your blood sugar levels are high, but not high enough to be diabetes.
Diabetes runs in your family.
You have had gestational diabetes before.
Your doctor will check if you have gestational diabetes as soon as possible if you are likely to have it, or between weeks 24 and 28 of your pregnancy if you are not at high risk.

To evaluate gestational diabetes, you will quickly drink a sugary drink. This will increase your blood sugar levels. An hour later, you will do a blood test to see how your body handled all that sugar. If the result shows that your blood sugar level is higher than a certain cut-off point (anywhere from 130 milligrams per deciliter [mg/dL] or more), you will need additional tests. This will require a blood sugar test during fasting and a longer glucose test to be done over a period of three hours.

If your results are normal but you have a high risk of developing gestational diabetes, you may need a follow-up test later in your pregnancy to make sure you do not have it yet.


To treat your gestational diabetes, your doctor will ask you to:

Control your blood sugar levels four or more times a day.
Perform urine tests for ketones, which means that your diabetes is not under control
Eat a healthy diet that is in line with your doctor's recommendations
Make exercise a habit
Your doctor will control how much weight you gain and will tell you if you need insulin or another medication for your gestational diabetes. visit us

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    Gestational diabetes Also called diabetes during pregnancy Causes, Diagnosis, and Treatment

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