Genuine Rife Plasma Therapy Objectified in the 21st Century – Part 1

Glen F Rees BSc., Health and Eternity ND dispels many myths about Dr. Rife, the Polymath, by elucidating his background story and referencing & # 39; The Rife Report – THE CANCER CURE THAT WORKED & # 39; by the investigative journalist, Barry Lynes.
After 36 years as a Naturopath and 4 years in the work of Rife Plasma Therapy, Glen shares his findings on this paradigm-shifting technology of the amazing embryonic work of Dr. Royal Raymond Rife in the 1930s …

90 years after Rife, we can now test changes in the cell wall using bio-impedance or bioelectrical impedance spectroscopy (BIS) analysis.
NEW BIS also has the key to testing the AUN cell change, which leads to rejuvenation.

Supporting ourselves in the "Shoulders of Giants", like Dr. Rife, allows us to look:
• Disease resolution
• Cellular changes and just what is well-being
• Significant rejuvenation capacity
• Possible Growth of Consciousness.

PART 1: Dr. Royal Raymond Rife and his background story, Rife microscopy, etc.

PART 2: Rife machine and treatments, plasma, bioimpedance, questions and answers, etc.

PART 3: Ayurveda, Plasma, Awareness, Rife treatments and frequencies, questions and answers, etc.

The human energy field is a field of organic but weak generated plasma.
So the "fifth element" of the Vedas and Ayurveda (natural medicine of India) is the "Akash" or the "element of space". Our argument is that the resonant plasma fields are also resonant for this element of Space.

"Space is the great organizer": Nassim Haramein (physicist, cosmologist).

The SPACE element comprises PLASMA: 99.99% the mass of the Universe

Since plasma is the fourth state of matter (now the time crystals are considered the fifth), now is the time to highlight the real plasma therapy of Dr. Royal Raymond Rife.

Dr. Royal Raymond Rife invented the therapy of the Rife plasma machine in the 1930s. While Dr. Rife not only discovered amazing ways to kill viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites, he also may have found ways to resonate structures. more complex like the organs. Indeed, we can "tune in" a certain organ or organ system.

At our Health and Eternity clinics (Drouin & Ringwood Nth, VIC, Australia) we are now using our Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) or, in simple terms, a Rife Plasma Therapy Machine / Device (200 watt output) to interconnect with its own plasma field, effecting the organizing force of the Space element for the benefits of cell healing and the growth of consciousness.

Now we can objectify Rife's plasma therapy at the cellular level by analyzing bioelectrical impedance spectroscopy (BIS) and accurately measuring its PHASE ANGLE & # 39; (PA) PA is a broad or instantaneous measure of the cellular load and how efficiently your cells eliminate toxins, nutrients, fluids, etc. through cell membranes AND IS AN EFFECTIVE indicator of your cellular Biological Age.

Rife plasma therapy treatment capabilities:

• Chronic diseases of all kinds.
• Organs and organ systems
• Anti-aging
• Stubborn weight
• Autoimmune diseases (rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, type I diabetes, lupus, gout and alopecia, etc.)
• Genetic and epigenetic diseases / disorders
• Infections (viral, bacterial and fungal)
• Mental illness
• parasites
• Cell detoxification (heavy metals, etc.)
• Neurological disorders
• Musculoskeletal disorders
• Embryo disorders
• Shock & Trauma
• Emotional trauma and / or scarring
• Subtle anatomy
• And much more!

… It also promotes rejuvenation and regeneration (through the natural production of human growth hormones)!

[ A further note about Rife Technology Credentials:
You will find scores of websites purporting to offer information on Rife Machines. Please do not be misled.
Unfortunately many have misused Rife’s name mostly out of ignorance of what he actually did which has led to Dr. Royal Rife being discredited in many circles.
The maker of our Rife Plasma Therapy device holds patents on his machine AND has reverse-engineered old-surviving-machines to stay as-true-as-possible to Rife himself AND his enormous gift to mankind over around 90 yrs ago.
The genuine Royal Raymond Rife’s work is NOT the weird Radionics, is NOT a weak current (our device uses over 150-200 watts of energy per session), is NOT just frequencies alone BUT actually generates a Coherent Pulsed Electromagnetic Plasma Energy Field capable of shattering simple Viruses OR resonating way more complex structures such as biological cells to facilitate detoxification, bringing fresh blood to these cells AND thus facilitate cellular healing.]

A warm greeting to all,
Glen F Rees BSc., N.D.
Phone: 1300 742-583 B / H



Video credits to Health and Eternity YouTube channel

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    Genuine Rife Plasma Therapy Objectified in the 21st Century – Part 1

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