Five signs of sleep deprivation

Here are five signs that you need more sleep:

1. Weight gain

If you have gained weight for no reason, your insulin sensitivity may have decreased. This leads to an over-creation of insulin, which causes the storage of fat. This leads to weight gain and risks like diabetes. During sleep, your body regulates insulin so that this can be prevented.

2. Carbo-load

Coming hand in hand with weight gain is the need to carry carbohydrates and sugar. If you find yourself looking for a sugary snack in the afternoon, your hormone ghrelin may be low. Ghrelin tells the body that he is hungry, and these levels can increase when he does not sleep.

3. Problems to focus

Brain fog is not a myth. It's a real problem that can get worse with lack of sleep. High levels of cortisol are triggered by lack of sleep, which then suppresses dopamine. That is why he has trouble concentrating on the tasks at hand, since dopamine regulates motivation.

4. Stress

Cortisol also plays a role in one's stress levels. Triggers our fight or flight response, which can be useful in a crisis, but when constantly having high levels of this, can cause weight gain, anxiety and hormonal imbalances. It has been discovered that sleep is the best way to naturally reduce cortisol.

5. Mood changes

For a long time it has been discovered that sleep deprivation has a great impact on our moods. If we do not have enough, even the smallest things can trigger a blowout. People who suffer from anxiety or depression are also more likely to have trouble sleeping, and lack of sleep can also affect mood disorders in general.

Video credits to HEALTH AND BEAUTY YouTube channel

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    Five signs of sleep deprivation

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