Erectile Dysfunction: Cause and Cure | Not Clickbait

Why diabetes has NOTHING to do with blood sugar

*** the best diet for managing diabetes quizlet ***

The most common cause of ED is still unknown to the general public. This video is look at the science on that cause and science on the best way to reverse it.
Links and Studies:

Resources for Transition:
Mr. and Mrs. Vegan:
PotatoStrong’s How-to Vids:
The Vegan Corner:
Bonnie Rebecca:
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Stats on ED prevalence:

2/3 of men got ED leading up to their Cardiovascular Disease:

At 40, ED gives you a 5000% chance of CAD:

Vascular disease and ED:

WebMd Viagra Death Article:

“Fatty streaks are found in the aortas of nearly all children by the age of 3 years,”

Artery Impairment increases erection time:

Esselstyn Study 90s:

Esselstyn’s Article on 90s Study “70% had selective regression”:

Esselstyn 200 patients:

Bill Maher Clip:

Vegan High Blood Pressure Rates:

Rhino Article:

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Erectile Dysfunction: Cause and Cure | Not Clickbait

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