Eat 1 Spoon Of Raw Honey Every Morning, THIS Will Happen To Your Body!

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Honey offers a wide range of health benefits for those who consume it, especially in its raw form. Unfortunately, most of the honey that is eaten today is processed honey, which has been filtered and heated after being collected. Raw honey is different from this processed type. It is an unfiltered, unpasteurized and pure product, and in this way, maintains its incredibly healthy nutritional profile. In addition to offering many healthy nutrients, it also promotes many health benefits and promotes our overall health. Let's discuss some of the incredible health benefits that raw honey can offer when consumed consistently.

1. First, raw honey has amazing antioxidant properties and this has been supported by studies. These wonderful antioxidants can help boost your immune system and block free radicals in the body, which can help prevent a number of unwanted diseases. Raw honey contains powerful antioxidants known as polyphenols, which have been shown to reduce the chances of diseases, such as heart disease. In addition to this, raw honey also contains antioxidant flavonoids.

2. Consistent consumption of raw honey can also help reduce the risk of developing diabetes and is even used to treat diabetes. Raw honey and cinnamon are especially useful for diabetes, as it is beneficial for healthy blood sugar levels, as we discussed in a previous video. Raw honey can also benefit insulin levels and decrease hyperglycemia. In addition, it has been found that raw honey causes a lower elevation of plasma glucose levels in diabetics when compared to sucrose and dextrose, as studies have indicated.

3. It is also a great source of natural energy. This is because raw honey contains most of the natural sugars and many different vitamins and minerals. It is a supply of energy easily absorbed in the form of hepatic glycogen, so many people consume it before their training and sports competitions, or in the mornings.

4. Raw honey has also been shown in studies to help with weight loss when consumed. When compared to sugar, raw honey may work to reduce triglycerides in the body. Other studies have shown that constant consumption of raw honey can help suppress appetite and activate our hormones. As with any healthy food, just make sure you do not eat too much raw honey and manage your intake.

5. Raw honey can also help promote sleep. More importantly, it can increase and promote restful sleep, so we wake up feeling more rejuvenated and awake. If you consume raw honey before going to sleep, it may work to replenish the liver's glycogen supply. In addition, consuming raw honey also works to release melatonin in the brain. It stimulates the release of tryptophan that turns into serotonin, which leads to the release of melatonin. Melatonin is ideal for promoting restful sleep as it increases immunity and also helps to rebuild tissue while resting.

6. It can also help with the treatment of cough and is often considered a natural cure for coughs and colds. Persistent cough can be remedied by consuming only a couple of teaspoons of honey, as some studies have indicated. It is said that this is due to the thick and sweet consistency of honey, which serves to cover the throat and stimulate the nerve endings that protect the throat from persistent cough.

7. Finally, raw honey can help improve the quality of your skin and provide a clearer complexion. This can occur when raw honey is consumed, but it is even more beneficial when applied topically. When you apply it to your skin, make sure you are using pure organic raw honey to get better results. It can also help relieve acne and other skin problems. Also, when you apply it to your face, dilute it with water before applying it.

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    Eat 1 Spoon Of Raw Honey Every Morning, THIS Will Happen To Your Body!

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