Dr Ramachandra 15 days diet plan | dr ramchandar rao bnys nelakondapalli

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Diet sheet
👉 Wash your face in the morning and drink two glasses of water. Drink two glasses of water again after one hour.
Drink glasses before 30 minutes before ippine. These include honey and lemon juice.
👉 Tiffin should be taken as light foods. Do not eat fried in oil.
తా Drink two glasses of water before 30 minutes before dinner. Drink a glass of water every hour from lunchtime to lunch.
Eat 50% of the rabbits in half rice. Use nutrients Reduce salt, chili powder and oils.
👉 Add powdered pulley, coconut powder, sesame powder and peppermint powder for flavor.
Do not use meat, mangoes, chicken eggs, storage chutney, biryans and pocket milk.
Juice Glass juice to drink at half past four at night. You should drink two glasses of water at five thirty in the afternoon.
లో It should be full of dinner in the sunset.
తి Eat fruits at dinner at night. Papaya, Jama, Watermelon, Granada, Battai, Kamala, etc.
You can drink three to four glasses of water during the day.

* Dr.K.Y.Ramachandra

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    Dr Ramachandra 15 days diet plan | dr ramchandar rao bnys nelakondapalli

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