Dodging Diabetes – Bid it Bye Now! Eminent Diabetologist Dr. Amit Dey For You

Once I read on the wall of a clinic "Keep calm and … cure diabetes!" The words resonated with me. Lifestyle disease is, in fact, such a silent killer that the healing process actually requires great calm and perseverance on the part of your patients.
Maintaining my thinking limit, I visited the renowned Diabetologist consultant Dr. Amit Dey to learn about diabetes in more detail. My discussion with the learned expert is written below. The world of practical knowledge about diabetes awaits you. Dig and read in …
Wellness Buddy: Good evening Doctor! I am a wellness partner, and I have come with some questions in mind. I would like to start by thanking you for sharing your valuable time with us.
When people talk about diabetes, the associated effect on health is something that is never lost. Doctor, to what organs and parts of the human body does Diabetes cause harm? How can this damage be prevented?
Dr. Amit Dey: Diabetes affects mainly the eyes and leads to diabetic retinopathy. It affects the nerves that lead to diabetic neuropathy and affects our kidneys leading to diabetic nephropathy. In addition to this, all diabetic patients have an increased risk of heart attacks that lead to cardiac complications. They also have 2-4 times more chances of having brain stokes. Diabetes also affects the blood vessels of the hands and feet and leads to peripheral artery disease.
These complications can simply be prevented by keeping the blood glucose level under control; Timely follow up with your doctor and monitor the occurrence of these complications. For example, a retinal exam once a year, detection of complications of neuropathy once a year, a routine heart check-up, a protein check in the urine once every six months should be on your to-do list.
BM: What are the treatment options for diabetes? In addition to medication, is there any other alternative means?
Dr. Dey: The three main pillars that are the modalities of the treatment of diabetes include: diet, exercise and medication. Essentially, diet and exercise form the most integral part of lifestyle modification. All diabetic patients must take a specific diabetic diet of calories. They should exercise regularly. For example, walking regularly for 30-45 minutes per day, covering at least 150 minutes per week or covering at least 10,000 steps per day, should be the norm.
WB: Doctor, we often hear that insulin is the right medication for diabetes. When exactly is insulin required?
Dr. Dey: For patients with type 1 diabetes, insulin is required from the beginning because type 1 diabetes occurs due to the deficiency of the hormone insulin in the body. In type 2 diabetes, insulin is required when the body can not produce the proper amount of the hormone in a natural way to metabolize glucose and respond to increased hyperglycemia.
However, patients with type 2 diabetes can also begin to administer insulin at an early date to prevent complications from occurring.
Many more discussions soon …
Diabetes and us: it flows in the family?
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    Dodging Diabetes – Bid it Bye Now! Eminent Diabetologist Dr. Amit Dey For You

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