Diabetes Treatment (Treatment For Diabetes Type 1)

In type 1 diabetes, the pancreas produces little or no insulin, which is vital for converting glucose into energy.
People with type 1 diabetes need to do the work of the pancreas and replace insulin with insulin injections or an insulin pump.
Insulin works to reduce the level of glucose in the blood.

Type 1 diabetes is a life-threatening condition that needs to be managed closely with daily care. Type 1 diabetes is managed with:

# Insulin replacement through lifelong insulin injections (up to 6 per day) or the use of an insulin pump.

# Monitor blood glucose levels regularly (up to 6 times a day or as directed by a physician or Credential Diabetes Educator).

# Follow a healthy diet and a meal plan.

# Exercise regularly.

The goal of diabetes control is to maintain blood glucose levels as close as possible to the target range, between 4 and 6 mmol / L (fasting).
However, the ranges will vary depending on the individual and the circumstances of an individual.
Talk to your doctor or accredited diabetes educator to find out the range of blood glucose levels that are appropriate and safe for you.

Maintaining your blood glucose level in the optimal range is a careful balance between what foods you eat, physical activity and medication.
Blood glucose levels that are too high may cause hyperglycemia or ketoacidosis. Too low blood glucose levels may cause hypoglycaemia.
It is important to learn about each reaction and respond appropriately. Ketoacidosis is an emergency and you should call the emergency services immediately.

Monitor blood glucose levels throughout the day and even at night. Maintaining blood glucose levels in the target will help prevent short and long-term complications.

Your accredited diabetes educator will help you learn how to control your blood glucose level, inject insulin and develop a healthy eating and exercise plan that is right for you.


Video credits to Self HealthCures YouTube channel

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    Diabetes Treatment (Treatment For Diabetes Type 1)

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