Diabetes Explained Clearly [2018] Causes and Symptoms

Clear explanation of diabetes [2018] Causes and symptoms
What do Anthony Anderson, Larry King, Tracy Morgan and Patti LaBelle have in common? Diabetes. Do you really understand what diabetes is?

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Every cell in your body needs sugar or glucose. For that sugar to enter your cells, you must have that magic key, insulin, which is a hormone produced by the pancreas. Now, when your body does not produce enough insulin, then sugar can not get enough into your cells. This is what happens in diabetes mellitus type 1, and even if the pancreas produces enough insulin, but your cells are resistant to that insulin, then that magic key does not work and you still do not have enough sugar inside your cells. This is what happens in type 2 diabetes mellitus. Now, with both types of diabetes, the cells do not have enough sugar to function properly and you end up with excess sugar outside the cells or in the bloodstream; This causes a high level of blood sugar, which is diabetes. This high level of sugar in the blood is toxic to your organs and can cause symptoms and complications of diabetes.
So, why do we worry? We have all heard about diabetes; We know someone who has a touch of sugar, but why is it so important? It is important because diabetes can cause many, many complications, including heart attacks, strokes, retinopathy that leads to blindness, neuropathy or nerve problems, poor circulation that can cause amputations of the limb and kidney disease. In fact, diabetes is the leading cause of kidney failure in the United States. Most patients with diabetes have no symptoms initially, but even without symptoms, high blood sugar levels remain toxic to the body.
Actor and comedian Tracy Morgan is diagnosed with diabetes and has shared that he initially did not take his diabetes seriously because he did not have any major symptoms. So, all this while we were entertaining on Saturday Night Live, 30 Rock, and now he released The Last OG, all this time he had been suffering from diabetes, initially without symptoms.
When patients do have symptoms of diabetes, they can include increased thirst, frequency of urination in which you simply run to the bathroom all the time, involuntary weight loss where you end up losing pounds, losing weight and you're not even trying, fatigue and even blurred vision.
So what puts you at risk for diabetes? If you have a first-degree relative with diabetes such as a parent, sibling or child, then you have a ten times greater risk of developing diabetes yourself. In addition, if you have prediabetes, you are at risk and if you have had gestational diabetes or high blood sugar levels during pregnancy, you have an increased risk of developing diabetes. Obesity can also put you at risk, especially abdominal obesity or increased abdominal fat. However, do not confuse it. Look at the announcer Larry King. Larry King has type 2 diabetes mellitus and is thin and thin.
How can you get a diabetes test? How can it be diagnosed? Well, you may have a fasting blood sugar level, which is a blood test that is done after you have been without food for at least 8 to 12 hours, a random blood sugar level, hemoglobin A1C that measures the average blood sugar In the last two or three months, and in the oral glucose tolerance test where you are given certain amounts of glucose orally and then two hours later, if your blood sugar level blood is 200 milligrams per deciliter, you probably have diabetes. For any of these tests, it is customary to repeat the test on another day. If these tests are positive twice, you probably have diabetes.
This ends my summary of the definition of diabetes. In fact, diabetes is a very serious and chronic disease, but if you have diabetes, in no way is the end of the world. Anthony Anderson of the hit show Blackish has diabetes, and legendary diva Patti LaBelle is also living with diabetes. If you have diabetes, you can not run, you can not hide from it. You should consult your doctor and make sure you maintain normal blood glucose levels and prevent those complications.
Thank you for watching my video. I'm Dr. Frita.

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    Diabetes Explained Clearly [2018] Causes and Symptoms

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