Cucumber Water (8.24.12 – Day 12) How to make Cucumber Water?

Cucumber water is not sweet tea, but today we are not making sweet tea; We are making cucumber water. This is my logic: southern sweet tea is liquid diabetes, but what is the alternative? At your party or dinner, there are likely to be refreshments available, which is probably worse than sweet tea and probably has some hot water on one side. But what if that water was not so unpleasant. What would happen if we turned it into a star, as if it could ever quench the thirst? That's where cucumbers come into play. If there was a good jug of refreshing cucumber water waiting for you, would you choose water over sweet tea? Do not? Most people would not, but I know that instead of taking a second, third and fourth glass of tea, some of you can try the cucumber water instead. Do you know how many calories you would save by simply replacing one of those glasses with cucumber water? A medium sweet McDonalds tea (and let's face it, we always make it big) has almost 200 non-nutritious liquid calories. A big one is 300. Drink more water and make it special.

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How to make cucumber water?


1 medium cucumber, sliced
2 pints of water


Boil a medium pot of water.

Place the sliced ​​cucumbers in a glass jar and pour enough water into the jar to cover the cucumbers.

Let the cucumbers soak for 30 minutes, then fill the jar with ice and stir.

Serve in cute little cups.

Other videos on how to make cucumber water:

Health benefits of cucumber water

While there are a million and a dietary supplement of beverages and even more recovery drinks for those who try to stay healthy, there is an alternative that few people know: cucumber water. It's okay. Place a slice of cucumber in your water, or place a whole sliced ​​cucumber in a pitcher of water and it could help your body in more ways than one.

The basics

Because a cucumber has about 45 calories with the skin (and about 35 without it), drinking a glass of water with a slice of cucumber as a substitute for soft drinks or energy drinks can reduce the amount of calories you eat daily. 150 calories. Cucumber water itself often has less than 5 calories. Even putting the whole cucumber in your glass of water will leave you with less than 50 calories.

Nutritional benefit

As soon as the cucumber enters the water, some of its nutrients will also enter the water. As mentioned above, cucumbers have a low amount of calories and a high water content. Replacing sugars with water can help you lose weight.

Cucumber water also includes vitamin C (which can help protect against immune system deficiencies, cardiovascular diseases, prenatal health problems, eye diseases and even wrinkles in the skin), vitamin K (to help the blood coagulate and maintain strong bones), vitamin A (which is key to good vision, a healthy immune system and cell growth), potassium (which can lower cholesterol and reduce high blood pressure) iron (which includes mainly transporting oxygen to human blood cells) calcium (encourages bone growth) and more.

Of course, the amount of these is included depends on how many slices are put in the water, and the more cucumber you consume, the more nutrients you will get from it. Make the most of by placing a sliced ​​cucumber in 2 quarts of water and then placing it in the refrigerator overnight. Drink it all before it has been two days to keep the drink as fresh as possible.

Cucumber water is also diuretic, which means it can help in water retention. (Water retention is an excessive amount of water accumulated in the circulatory system or body tissues.) Water retention is one of the most common causes to gain weight.

Drinking water is an excellent way to eliminate toxins from your body; Therefore, it is a great adage to any weight loss program. As cucumbers naturally have a lot of water, it is better to include them in your diet for a higher fluid intake.

Cucumber water also has a lot of fiber included. Fiber helps your digestion fill you up and encourages you to eat less. Better food digestion can help in weight loss too.

About the southern kitchen project of vegan cuisine

Inspired by the Julie and Julia Project, the Queen of Southern Vegan Cuisine will adopt Paula Deen's Southern Kitchen Bible. Veganizing 328 recipes full of butter, stuffed with pork in 328 days. This is a test . . . This is just a test of skill, imagination and physical and mental strength.

Video credits to The Sweetest Vegan YouTube channel

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    Cucumber Water (8.24.12 – Day 12) How to make Cucumber Water?

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