Charles Mattocks Celebrity Chef (Diabetes Treatment) | NSI Stem Cell Patient

Charles Mattocks, famous chef and television producer, shares his experience with stem cell injections and diabetes, and provides his stem cell therapy for diabetes screening. #Diabetes
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At NSI Stem Cell we use the most advanced stem cell technology available to our patients. Each member of our team works together to provide patient care safely, safely and effectively. NSI is home to experienced physicians and clinicians, knowledgeable and passionate about helping patients.

If you have pain or have a condition and have been told that you should only live with it and that your only option is to "control" the condition with medication, stem cell therapy may be right for you. Using the latest regenerative medicine technology, our mission is to improve the quality and quantity of lives of our patients, while avoiding invasive surgical techniques and harmful medications.

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NSI has a network of 29 facilities in 21 different countries, with our main facility in Clearwater, Florida. We currently have a total of 4 stem cell treatment centers in the United States. Stem cell therapy is becoming more accessible all over the world. In addition to availability, extensive research and testing with adult #stemcells is taking place throughout the world. To our knowledge, no cases of "serious adverse events" specifically to adult stem cells have been reported in any study. Our co-founders are authors of a safety study that showed zero adverse events associated with #stemcelltherapy in a large group.

Video credits to NSI STEM CELL YouTube channel

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    Charles Mattocks Celebrity Chef (Diabetes Treatment) | NSI Stem Cell Patient

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