Carbohydrate Diet and Diabetes /คาร์โบไฮเดรต กับโรคเบาหวาน

In case you have diabetes And I'm not sure You should eat
The type of carbohydrates is very low in each day to adapt.
Your disease
I have an information It may be useful more or less.
It's from the Pretzel Center of the United States.

It is not surprising that the doctors responsible for
Treat people with diabetes to tell the patient what the disease is.
Be careful with carbohydrates … because eating such types of foods can cause high blood sugar levels. And because of the high level of blood sugar. Causes of high insulin levels

However, the results of the study in the Center for Aging Pretikain-Pritikin
Longevity Center in the USA UU It seems that people who are
Diabetes can deal very well with blood sugar levels. Despite the disease, people eat carbohydrates.
Alto can also eat desserts. Or sometimes sweet.

From the Prati Center, he said …
Diets high in carbohydrates are good for people with diabetes … with emphasis on the type of carbohydrates it is important without.
Regardless of the amount, if you consume carbohydrates through the grinding of carbohydrates, such as white bread, sweets, it will cause high blood sugar levels. It has the effect on control.

Conversely …
If the foods you eat Carb. They are rich in fiber, which is not attenuated Carburetor or flavors such as brown rice, whole grains, vegetables, nuts and whole fruits. It can reduce blood sugar levels to normal levels. And it can cause people to lose prediabetes: prediabetes and diabetes disappear.

Apart from that … there is also the effect of studying in the secretarial school of Caliphate. The results of the patients at the Prikokinetic Center of the United States in the United States for 3 weeks. Of eating carbohydrates.
High-grade, wear-free High-dietary fiber With daily exercise, it seems that people with these diseases can not only lose weight. Also make levels of fat in cholesterol In the blood stream improved by 20% and lowered insulin levels by 30%

In conclusion, I'll see that …
Carb Of people with diabetes Focus on the type by
Pay attention to the amount of carbohydrates that are rich in fiber. When to eat it Blood sugar levels decrease. Premature Diabetes And diabetes is gone.

Carbohydrates that do not pass through pollen, such as brown rice, which include vegetables, nuts and fruits that eat the shell. And the meat must be low in carbohydrates. An important part of the diet.

Video credits to นพ. มานิตย์ วัชร์ชัยนันท์ YouTube channel

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    Carbohydrate Diet and Diabetes /คาร์โบไฮเดรต กับโรคเบาหวาน

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