A Leading Scientist Has Just Warned About the Serious Dangers of 5g – and His Words Are Alarming

It is said that this higher level of mobile connection can transfer information at a much faster rate. The download and upload speed will be accelerated. The hope is that 5G will help people around the world to connect faster. It may sound great, but a leading scientist has just warned about the serious dangers of 5G, and his words are alarming.

It is believed that 5G will be available worldwide by the year 2020. While people celebrate this idea, 5G worries many others. For 5G to be possible, we will need a very large bandwidth. This would require many cell powers placed together in places around the world. According to experts, this can be a dangerous situation for the public.

The main cause of concern for 5G is that each of the cell towers lets out low levels of radiofrequency radiation. Because 5G will require many more towers, the possibility of problems increases. In 2011, the International Agency for Research on Cancer published a report that said they considered these towers as a potential carcinogen for humans. When you add more towers to accommodate 5G, the danger increases.

During a meeting of the United Nations in May 2018, Claire Edwards raised the issue of the dangers of 5G. He cited studies that claimed that the dangers of 5G would overcome the dangers of tobacco and asbestos. She said: "I urge you to get these EMF emitting devices off immediately." He even compared 5G with weapons.

Edwards lives in the Austrian capital of Vienna. She states that the 5G infrastructure is already proving dangerous for people in the city. According to Edwards, his friends and acquaintances are reporting the classic symptoms of EMR poisoning. These include nosebleeds, headache, headache, eye pain, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, and flu-like symptoms. Many reported having a feeling of a tight band around their heads.

Edwards says the symptoms were so severe that he decided to leave Vienna. During his last two nights in the city, he decided to sleep in the forest. Her friend, who was once incredibly healthy, was getting sick more and more until sleeping in the forest was the only way to feel good.

According to an article published in The New Zealand Medical Journal, even without 4G, cellular technologies can cause health defects such as cancer and dementia. The scientist who wrote the article says that currently, this is a general opinion, but soon, the research will support the hypothesis. Unfortunately, until there is enough research to support this belief, 5G will continue to be implemented. They already have it in Vienna and South Korea, and there are cities in the United States that already have access to 5G. Residents of Chicago and Minneapolis are using technology today.

Unfortunately, it is difficult to illustrate the effects of radiation from cellular technologies on humans. It is difficult because everyone has undergone radiation at least once in their lives. There are some experts who believe there are ways to test the severity of the effects of EMR on humans.

Approximately 600 peer-reviewed research reports were published that show how the dangers of radio frequency radiation can be. According to reports, this type of radiation can be linked to diabetes, infertility, various types of cancer and psychiatric disorders. Currently, the issue of radiation is serious. When 5G is deployed around the world, things will only get worse. While this type of radiation is not enough to actually cook a person, the frequency can damage biological organisms.

Scientists and other experts wonder if the 5G really is worth it. The speed will not increase much. They ask: "Are not speeds fast enough now? Things we can not currently do with 4G speeds?" The answer to these questions is no. Increased speeds of a couple of nanoseconds are certainly not worth the risks. Because there is still no scientific evidence that 5G can be dangerous to our health, there is no way to prevent it from unfolding around the world. Those who are against 5G worry that the global epidemic of diseases is necessary for people to stand up and listen to the dangers. They worry that by then, it's too late and the damage is already done. Most experts agree that a faster and lighter connection is not worth the consequences we will suffer in the future.

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    A Leading Scientist Has Just Warned About the Serious Dangers of 5g – and His Words Are Alarming

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