7 Kebiasaan Penyebab Diabetes

Be careful! 7 These habits may be the cause of the increase in sugar levels
Did you know that these 7 habits, if done constantly, can be the cause of high blood sugar levels?

As Snacking And Fried
Fried foods are one of the foods that cause a high risk of triggering degenerative diseases, such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes mellitus and cerebrovascular accidents. There is no harm in "itching" if what we eat is a healthy type of snack.
Snacks with a high sugar and flour content can quickly increase blood sugar levels. "Error" when choosing the snacks that you eat every day can increase the risk of obesity, obesity and diabetes.
It will be a healthy habit if you replace your fried or sandwich with nuts or fresh fruit.

Sleep deprivation
Quality sleep deprivation will interfere with your body's metabolic system. Based on the results of the research at the University of Chicago, it was revealed that lack of sleep for 3 days caused the body's ability to process glucose to drastically decrease. This means an increased risk of diabetes. Then, start maintaining the quality of your dream. No less than 6 hours a day. Or at least sleep deeply for at least 3 hours in 1 day.

Sweet tea and soda
Did you know that in 1 can of 375 ml soft drinks there are at least 5 tablespoons of sugar? And in a sweet tea glass about 250-300 calories, depending on the density of the tea.
While in reality, adults only need an average of 4 tablespoons of sugar in a day. The average caloric needs of adult women are approximately 1,900 calories per day. These caloric needs can be more or less, depending on the activity performed.
From sweet tea alone, we already have 1,000-1,200 calories. Excessive consumption of sugar can cause your blood sugar levels to rise.
Then, starting today, replace the consumption of sweet tea and your carbonated drink with water, sugar-free tea, or limit the consumption of sugar no more than two teaspoons per day.
Less physical activity
If you rarely exercise or do physical activity, then be careful. Because, according to the research, people with little physical activity have a higher risk of obesity and other diseases compared to those who are diligent in cycling, walking or other activities. Then, begin to sweat as often as possible.

When stressed, the body will increase the production of the hormones epinephrine and cortisol so that the blood sugar increases and there is a reserve of energy for the activity. Our bodies are designed in such a way for good intentions. However, if this continues to occur, it will endanger the condition of your body. Eliminate stress by doing activities that you like, such as doing your hobby. Or take time off and vacation with your partner.

Research in the United States found that the risk of active smokers to diabetes increased by 22 percent. In the study, it was also stated that the increased risk was not only due to cigarettes, but to a combination of several unhealthy lifestyles, such as diet and exercise. If you are really telling your family, or if you are least saying it about yourself, quit smoking right now and start a healthy lifestyle.

Birth control pills
Well … for this, especially for those who have a family …
Most contraceptive pills are made of a combination of estrogen and progestin or progestin. Combination pills often cause changes in blood sugar levels. In fact, the performance of contraceptive pills is opposite to the performance of insulin. Because insulin is opposed, the pancreas is forced to work harder to produce insulin. If too much is allowed to continue, the pancreas can not function properly.
It is good for you or your partner to limit the time of use of the hormonal pills. Or maybe the change to condoms is a solution that can be considered.

Then what do you do? Is there any intention to avoid it? Or do you still want to do it?
Hopefully useful

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    7 Kebiasaan Penyebab Diabetes

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