5 Natural Ways To Lose Weight on Autopilot

"Eat less, move more." You may have heard this message before. While the strategy makes total sense, it is incorrect to assume that the only reason why people gain or lose weight is because of the calories.
The problem is much more complicated than that. Different foods affect hunger and hormones in different ways, and not all calories are the same. The truth is that there are many things you can do to lose weight, without counting a single calorie.
Here are 5 proven ways to put fat loss on "autopilot".
1. Replace your grain-based breakfast with eggs
Two different studies have shown that eating eggs in the morning (compared to a breakfast of bagels) can help you lose fat without trying. In one of these studies, 30 overweight women ate bagels or eggs for breakfast. The group of eggs ended up eating fewer calories at lunch, the rest of the day. The eggs were so plentiful that women naturally ate fewer calories in the following meals. Although eggs are high in cholesterol, studies show that they do not increase bad cholesterol or cause heart disease, as previously believed.

2. Use smaller plates
The human brain is the most complex object in the universe. He tends to work in mysterious ways, and his control of eating behavior is incredibly complicated.
It is the brain that ultimately determines whether or not you should eat. But there is one good thing you can do to "cheat" your brain and make it think that you have eaten more food: use smaller plates. The bigger your plates or bowls, the less you think you've eaten. By using smaller dishes, you trick your brain into feeling more satisfied with fewer calories.

3. Eating more protein can reduce appetite
There is a great deal of evidence that proteins can increase fat burning and reduce hunger, which helps you lose weight naturally.
In fact, studies show that protein increases metabolism more than any other macronutrient. This is because the body spends more calories to digest and make use of proteins than fat and carbohydrates.
The protein also increases satiety, leading to significantly reduced hunger.
Eating more protein can increase your metabolism and reduce your appetite. It can also increase muscle mass, which helps burn more calories throughout the day.

4. Making quality sleep and avoiding stress can optimize the function of key hormones
The levels of sleep and stress are often ignored when talking about health and weight. Both are incredibly important for the optimal function of your body and hormones. In fact, inadequate sleep is one of the strongest risk factors for obesity. One study showed that short sleep duration increased the risk by 89% in children and 55% in adults.
Poor sleep can also increase hunger and cravings, causing a biochemical tendency to gain weight by interrupting hunger hormones such as ghrelin and leptin.
Excessive stress can increase the levels of the hormone cortisol, which is known to increase the accumulation of fat in the womb and the risk of chronic Western diseases such as type II diabetes and heart disease.

5. Eliminating carbohydrates can cause you to lose weight quickly while you eat until it is full
One of the best ways to start losing weight without calorie counting or portion control is to reduce carbohydrate intake.
Studies consistently show that people who consume less carbohydrates naturally eat fewer calories and lose weight without any major effort.

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    5 Natural Ways To Lose Weight on Autopilot

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