5 Guilt Free Snacks for Diabetes

5 no-fault snacks for diabetes

Have you or a loved one been diagnosed with prediabetes or type 2 diabetes? Then you should read the story of my fight against diabetes:

Raise your hand if you like to eat a snack in the afternoon.

Yes me too.

However, many people are concerned about blood sugar.

Here are 5 quick and easy snacks that you can enjoy without guilt.

1. Almonds or Pistachios
When you want a nutritious snack that satisfies your hunger, try a handful of nuts.

Pistachios are an excellent source of lysine, an essential amino acid that our bodies can not produce. An ounce of pistachios has 73 mg of Omega-3 fatty acids (the good things we all need).

A handful of toasted almonds are a great snack that gives you a healthy energy boost. Although they are low in Omega-3, they are loaded with iron and calcium.

2. Vegetables Bathed in Homemade Hummus
One of the sandwiches that we keep on hand all the time is homemade hummus. It is easy to make in a food processor. And you have to limit the amount of added fat it contains.

Our favorite way to eat hummus is to use it as a sauce.

Any raw vegetable will do it. Our favorites are carrots and pepper slices.

3. Mixed fruit salad
This is a great snack to have it all summer.

It's easy to prepare a batch of fruit salad on the weekend. Then, before going to work, place a little spoon in a container and go.

No need to add sugar or honey. These guys are already pretty sweet.

There is no limit to the fruits and berries you can put in your fruit salad. Look out for the product aisle for mangoes, strawberries, cranberries, cherries, nectarines, pomegranates, grapes, etc.

4. Soda water with lemon or lime.
Sometimes I think I'm hungry. But in reality, I'm just thirsty.

I'm sure you've seen the news reports about the suspected dangers of diet drinks with artificial sweeteners.

Everyone agrees that their best choice of drinks is water, tea or coffee.

But the water is boring and you may not want an injection of caffeine.

The bubbles in the soda water along with a slice of lemon take away the boredom and surprisingly they are filling up.

Try it before taking a high-calorie sandwich.

5. Whole Wheat Bread With Peanut Butter
I love bread. I also think that eating too much bread was a factor in making me pre-diabetic.

Therefore, in my battle against blood sugar, I limit the amount of bread I eat.

Even wholemeal bread is on my "eat very rarely" list.

However, there is a way to eat your bread and keep your blood sugar under control.

Peanut butter gives you extra protein and fat helps keep your blood sugar low.

Make sure you are spreading a good quality peanut butter without added sugar or butter.

You are not boring. Your sandwiches should not be boring.

These 5 sandwiches will leave you satisfied without feeling any guilt. They give you good nutrition and will not send blood sugar levels to the moon.

You can find more information about how I control my blood sugar with natural foods here:

Thanks for watching!

Video credits to Diabetes Rebels YouTube channel

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    5 Guilt Free Snacks for Diabetes

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