#5 Beating Diabetes Type 2 NATURALLY | With Doreen Skonier And Functional Medicine

How Doreen was naturally cured of type 2 diabetes and autoimmune disease through functional medicine

Functional Medicine Travel Healing – Episode # 5

Through Doreen's amazing healing journey, you'll discover how your A1C decreased from 11 more to 4.6. and finally he healed naturally of type 2 diabetes after more than 10 years of suffering. What he did on the road and how he handles it today.

** Show highlights: **

What Doreen suffered [02:06]
How was Doreen cured of this naturally? [07:26]
What was the most useful resource for Doreen [14:28]
What Doreen will tell a person who was on the same stage as her [15:32]
First recommended "baby step" [16:00]
Was it worth Doreen's healing journey? [18:18]

You will also learn about:
– Natural treatment of diabetes.
– Diet for diabetes
– Causes of diabetes
– Diabetes cure
– Autoimmune diseases
– how to download a1c naturally
– Reversing type 2 diabetes.
This episode is a must! Anyone who has to deal with Type 2 Diabetes and Autoimmune Diseases and look for Type 2 Diabetes Natural Healing or anyone looking to learn more about Doreen's approach to functional medicine and the natural healing journey.

I'm sure of that 🙂

I'm Dani Banai, a certified health coach in functional medicine.
And my mission is to make the world a healthier place!

The purpose of this unique project is to inspire and give hope to people all over the world who suffer from chronic diseases or chronic symptoms by sharing with them the personal healing journey of ordinary people using the functional medicine approach.

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=============== Doreen Links ==============

Website: Renewlastinglifestylechanges.com
Facebook: @ doreen.skonier.7

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=============== Disclamer ===============

The information in this video is not intended to be medical advice.
In addition to searching the Internet for information related to the natural treatment and health of type 2 diabetes, consider consulting with a qualified health professional regarding the cure, treatment, and symptoms of type 2 diabetes.

Video credits to Dani Banai YouTube channel

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    #5 Beating Diabetes Type 2 NATURALLY | With Doreen Skonier And Functional Medicine

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