#30 Is Oxaloacetate the Next Big Brain & Anti-Aging Supplement? with Alan Cash

Episode 30 of the quantified body: Is oxaloacetate the next big brain and the anti-aging supplement? with Alan Cash

This episode includes discussion about:
– The implementation of a caloric restriction diet can work to constantly increase its lifespan and reduce any age-related disease (6:19).
– The restriction of calories seems to affect the energy route of the cell (9:20).
– Basically, we can "bio-hack" our systems by tricking the cells into thinking that the NAD to NADH ratio is high, so fat production is reduced (12:50).
– Human trials have shown that restricting calories reduces fasting glucose levels and atherosclerosis (13:46).
– The reduction of age-related diseases will increase the average lifespan and increase the maximum lifespan for each cell of the body (14:32).
– Oxaloacetate is an important metabolite involved in one of the energy pathways in the mitochondria, the powerhouse of a cell (16:20).
– Oxaloacetate is used in the Kreb cycle to oxidize NADH to NAD (17:09).
– A human clinical trial in the 1960s showed that the use of oxaloacetate as a nutritional supplement reduced the symptoms of type 2 diabetes (20:00).
– As the dose of the minimum of 100 mg increases, other processes of the system are produced, such as the reduction of high levels of glutamate, which is one of the damaging factors for victims of closed brain injuries / strokes (22: 33).
– A medical food called CRONaxal contains a large dose of oxaloacetate which, when used in conjunction with chemotherapy, can reduce the size of the tumor and sometimes stop the growth of the tumor completely in patients with brain cancer (26:07) .
– Fasting / a calorie restricted diet is another technique that has been shown to reduce brain tumor growth (27:53).
– Some patients with cancer have already seen results with oxaloacetate supplementation and caloric restriction diets, however, these are only individual cases and not clinical trials (28:46).
– Recently, clinical trials have begun to study oxaloacetate as a treatment for different conditions, such as mitochondrial dysfunction, Parkinson's disease and Alzheimer's disease (30:13).
– Oxaloacetate may also work well to reduce inflammation and increase neurogenesis in the brain (32:30).
– Oxaloacetate can also become an important supplement for athletes who suffer serious head injuries during their sport (34:30).
– Long-term potentiation, restoring learning ability, may improve for patients after a stroke or a closed head injury if oxaloacetate is used in combination with acetyl-l-carnitine (36:18).
– Alan Cash spent years testing with the FDA that there appears to be no negative effect from taking large doses of oxaloacetate (38:35).
– So, in general, oxaloacetate has an immediate pharmacological effect on glutamate in the brain and a long-term genomic effect on mitochondria (46:30).
– When you try to perform your own experiment, take a fasting glucose level daily for a couple of weeks to see the normal variability and then continue with oxaloacetate supplementation along with the daily reading of your glucose levels (48:06).
– The biomarkers that Alan Cash routinely tracks to monitor and improve his health, longevity and performance (55:29)
– The highest recommendation of Alan Cash on the use of body data to improve health, longevity and performance (58:49).

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    #30 Is Oxaloacetate the Next Big Brain & Anti-Aging Supplement? with Alan Cash

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