#27 – Sleep Is for the Strong: How to Improve Your Sleep Habits

There is a saying that says "I will sleep when I am dead". Well, if you do not sleep, you could be dead sooner than you want! We all intuitively know that sleep is very important, and this intuition has been reinforced by the volumes of data from the scientific community that emphasize the importance of a good amount and quality of sleep. However, many of us struggle to sleep well, especially as we get older. Coach D offers some tips to improve your sleep habits.

Here are some interesting statistics according to the NIH:

At least 40 million Americans have a chronic sleep disorder. 20 million more have trouble sleeping. In addition, people with chronic sleep disorders have:

15% decrease in testosterone 20% increase in driving accidents 30% more risk of obesity 45% more risk of heart attacks 2.5 times higher risk of diabetes and metabolic syndrome The exact numbers vary according to the study, but in general humans must obtain

Adults: 7-9hrs sleep / day Adolescents: 9-11hrs Children: 11-15hrs Darin French Bulldog: 20+ hrs

Sleep is a critical process of human physiology. A series of important processes occur during sleep. First, our blood pressure and body temperature drop significantly during the latent sleep phase. Growth hormones release and reach their maximum levels, promoting muscle repair, muscle protein synthesis and other cellular repairs. Our memories consolidate and the nerve cells in the brain reconnect. The immune system increases to deal with the foreign bacteria found during the day. In short, without sleep, we could not recover and deal with the tensions encountered during life, and we would die. It goes without saying that if you are not sleeping properly, you are missing one of the most important components in a training program.

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    #27 – Sleep Is for the Strong: How to Improve Your Sleep Habits

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