13 Things That Happen When You Quit Eating Sugar

At this moment, millennials are on the way to being the most obese generation of all time and one of the main culprits seems to be that the forms of sugar creep into our diet. At this time, childhood obesity is three times as high as ever, and one in 5 children in the US. UU He becomes a victim. Sugar is everywhere and in 80 percent of the food! It's in your fruit, it's in your soda. It can be added to meat, sugar and even blood. But now we are not only concerned about sugar, but it has become what is known as high fructose corn syrup, which has been seriously linked to diabetes and weight gain. Should we really consume more sugar during our training in the form of gatorade?

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7. happier
Although it can be extremely satisfying to take a tissue when eating it, consuming higher amounts of sugar can cause depression and anxiety. During a recent study that lasted a 5-year period with more than 23,000 people, it showed that men who consumed higher amounts of sugar were more prone to mood disorders, but more research is still needed on this subject. In any case, it seems to make sense and people often look for sugary foods to make them feel a kind of euphoria that only sugar seems to bring. But once the sugar fever is over, it will make them feel more unhappy once they look in the mirror and get on the scale. It could get to the point where more and more sugar is needed to reach the same dose of dopamine until you have diabetes and it's too late.

6. Better breath
While we all know that there are some healthy foods that can cause bad breath like garlic, fish and coffee, that bad breath is a little different. The high consumption of sugar can cause a condition known as halitosis, and while the healthy foods that cause bad breath can be eliminated, this type of bad breath can not. Imagine how you smell your breath after eating a tuna sandwich and there is not a single mint or brand of toothpaste that can help! The bacteria that cause halitosis are fed by sugars; therefore, the less sugar there is in the mouth, the less likely it is that they can live there. One of the most serious causes of bad breath is diabetes and liver disease, but in general, it is also known that ketogenic diets do the same, so, of course, some sugar is still recommended from natural sources such as fruits.

5. Reduce the risk of Alzheimer's
A fear link between Alzheimer's disease and sugar intake has recently been revealed and this could explain the surprising increase in diagnosis. It is expected that Alzheimer's disease will continue to worsen and even become an epidemic in Asian countries in the future. Then, there could be a correlation with the increase in our sugar intake and this form of dementia. The study concluded after a period of 10 years and 5189 participants that the high level of blood sugar was related to cognitive decline, almost as if the sugar not only tore the teeth of people but also their minds. So do not say we did not notify you.

4. better sleep
Sugar can seriously ruin a good night's sleep and some of you already know it, but they continue to eat large amounts of it. It is known that the lack of sleep is correlated with a high level of blood sugar and this was the case during the sleep studies conducted by the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Boston. If someone only slept 6 hours or less at night, it was common for their blood sugar level to be high compared to those who slept 8 hours or more. Sleep is also necessary for proper weight loss and increased testosterone in men.

3. Lose weight faster
Most of the time, when you eat something, you have calories, but in addition to those calories, you get something of nutritional value to balance it. On the other hand, sugar has many calories, but totally lacks vitamins or any value. Not only that, but sugar can raise the resistance to insulin and leptin that are related to weight gain. Food ads can tell you that something is low in fat, but to make up for that, they turn it into a choc full of sugar that will leave you less full. Things like high fructose corn syrup will also make you feel more hungry, by promoting the production of hunger hormones. Many people report losing weight after a few weeks, but they reduce sugar intake.

2. The immune system improves
Not only can sugar reduce the amount of sleep you get, which helps your immune system, it can also affect the way your body treats infections. Too much sugar and carbohydrates in general can force inflammation, which keeps the white blood cells in your body busy with things you do not need to concentrate on. Our white blood cells are responsible for fighting the harmful bacteria that make us sick. The biology that is included is quite complicated, but you should notice an increase in your immune system if you stop eating sugar.

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    13 Things That Happen When You Quit Eating Sugar

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