डायाबिटीस (मधुमेह) से बचने का रामबाण इलाज़ || Permanent cure of Diabetes.

डायाबिटीस (मधुमेह) से बचने का रामबाण इलाज़ || Permanent cure of diabetes.

Benefits of ballet in diabetes: blood sugar regulates the leaves of the bell.
As you know, sugar that is not digested in diabetes starts coming out with urine. The patient weakens day by day due to the elimination of sugar. If the sugar is not controlled, the patient will be surrounded by high blood pressure, kidney disease, lack of blood, eyes and disease. The origin of diabetes is due to the degeneration of the pancreas gland. Because of this, there is a small amount of insulin that does not digest sugar. In such circumstances, the sugar begins to flow in the blood or begins with the urine. Such an experience occurs in different parts of the patient's body, such as crawling ants. The patient has to go to urinate very quickly.

Bilipatra and Belagiri, that is, the Bell fruit are very effective for diabetes.
Because they are not familiar with the properties of the vine, very few people consume the bell, but whoever becomes familiar with the properties of the vine, then likes to eat the fruit except the other fruits. The more important, the more important the result of the medicinal results is, the more fruit is the bell. Bell fruit and ballet are used only in the worship of Lord Shiva. Now it has been scientifically certified that the leaves of the vine are full of antidiabetic properties. The juice of ballet juice has the properties of reducing the levels of sugar and cholesterol. Sugar is regulated by the intake of vinegar diarrhea.

So let's know about how it is used.
Grind 15-20 smooth and fresh vine leaves, clean with water and grind them. Mixing the leftover leaves with 50 ml of water prevents the sugar from taking.
Taking 4 grams of leaf leaves or 10 grams of leaves or juice, or taking an empty stomach in the morning, is very beneficial.
By taking the seeds inside the bedguli, mix the neem juice of soft leaves with water, control the diabetes.
The mixture of pure silaazith in the juice of leaves of leaves is also beneficial.
Mix bell leaf juice and bitter gourd juice and drink it to control the sugar.
Mixing 5 grams of gram of fenugreek seeds in 10 grams of vine leaves leaves a lot of benefit. This method of ballet in diabetes is largely controlled by sugar syrup.
Make the powder by grinding dried fruit in diabetes by grinding dried fruit in the diabetic. Add the same amount of jambule kernels in powder in equal proportion. Consumption of 5 grams of powder each morning with water, diabetes has control over diabetes.
Boil the leaves of the leaf, boil in water and fry it filtering, providing relief.
Use any of the favorable experiments with previous experiments and stay away from diabetes. Thank you.

Video credits to AyurHealth – आयु: स्वास्थ्य YouTube channel

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    डायाबिटीस (मधुमेह) से बचने का रामबाण इलाज़ || Permanent cure of Diabetes.

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