कैल्शियम की गोलियों से रहे सावधान! Avoid Calcium Deficiency Supplements | Food as a Medicine Part 5

Avoid calcium depth supplements | Beware of calcium tablets! Food as medicine (Part 5)

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Beware of calcium tablets! (Part 5)

Most people believe that consuming calcium supplements will strengthen their bones, although it not only causes these problems but also increases the problem. Do you know that calcium supplements can be dangerous to your health? The safest and most appropriate way to take calcium is to eat a nutritious meal that contains more calcium content, such as milk, cheese, egg, karmasag and fig. These are good sources of calcium and do not harm our health. Let us tell you what side effects can be caused by eating calcium tablets.

We all know that calcium is very important for the strength of bones, so calcium supplements are often consumed when bought in the market without any advice. But the way in which calcium deficiency is harmful to the body, in the same way that its excessive amount can also cause many diseases.
Sometimes calcium is obtained from natural sources, medications are not necessary. But if you take a supplement of this type and if it exceeds the requirement, sometimes the problem of the stone in the body and the bone can arise stubbornly. There may also be kidney and heart problems.

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    कैल्शियम की गोलियों से रहे सावधान! Avoid Calcium Deficiency Supplements | Food as a Medicine Part 5

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